An SR-22 is a filing with the State of Illinois showing that you are carrying vehicle liability insurance. An SR-22 is sometimes required when you have been in an accident and you didn’t have insurance or when you have received a couple of no insurance tickets.

Need an SR-22? No problem! Progressive is our go to for SR-22 as they electronically file with the state which means less paperwork for you and us. It generally takes about 24 hours for the state to receive the notification so don’t wait till the last minute to get yours.

You can call us at 217-235-3166 or stop by at 621 Lake Land, right behind Sonic. We are happy to help!

Why an Agency?

We can help you when you get into an accident and don’t know what to do. So many times we hear our clients say they wished they had known about the claims process before hand or they wouldn’t have went with a cut rate provider. Yes, we all want to save money, but there is a value to service as well.


Yes! We can insure contractors of all kinds like roofing, landscaping, general remodeling just to name a few. If you need general liability, property or even worker’s compensation than we are your agency.

Below are some of the questions we may ask you to start
your general liability insurance quote.

Name, address, and DBA if you have one
Type of work performed
Number of employees
Total sales for the year
Total payroll for you and employees
The percentage of work you do on residential vs commercial
Last 3 jobs you have done, the cost, and where
Any claims or accidents you may have had

Moving Right Along

Wow! It is already the end of April 2019, can you believe it? Time for spring and summer is just around the corner.

What’s new at our agency?

Whitley Williams! Christy’s daughter has joined us as a provider of customer service. She will be the voice behind some of your calls so give her a hi and a welcome if you talk to her. We are excited to have her on board!

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Who’s tree is it anyway?

So, your neighbor’s tree has fallen on your house and damaged your roof and siding. You walk over to your neighbor to let them know your dissatisfaction and your obvious need for reimbursement. The poor gal/guy sighs and starts to stress out. They wonder how they will ever cover that kind of damage. But are they responsible?  The short answer is probably not.

Wind can do all kinds of damage that a person cannot control. You would need to turn a claim into your own insurance for compensation because the neighbor didn’t intentionally or accidentally cause you harm. They are most likely not liable for the damage. However, there could be instances where an act of nature wasn’t involved and they are liable.  You should always check with your agent to be sure.