Fingerprinting services are provided by IdentoGo. All customer service, appointments, or questions can be answered by visiting their website here or by calling them at 800-377-2080.

You must first have an appointment set up through IdentoGo BEFORE you come to our office for prints. IdentoGo hours are on Wednesday and Friday from 9am to 12pm unless we are closed for a holiday.

You will need to bring a state issued ID with you to verify your identity. You will also have to take a picture if you would like to prepare. Please be advised that you will be asked to remove your face and ear jewelry. Along with any hats or head scarfs and glasses.

Fingerprints are electronically sent to the State of Illinois. We do not offer fingerprints or background checks for other states such as Indiana. If you need prints for another state and are led to the our location, especially from an email, please contact IdentoGo to report the problem.

If you need assistance in locating our office, please call us at 217-235-3166. Thank you and we appreciate your patience and understanding.